Who Am I?


Computer Science Enthusiast


Being born in 1989 and raised through the 90s, really shaped my persona and interests. It did not take long for me to build an interest in to technology. It was as easy as being introduced to a 8-bit video game, and that was exactly how it happened; thanks largely to my mother. Without realizing, this was the start of my journey into Computer Science. After sometime, I managed to get my hands on Adobe software from a Power Macintosh 5400 that my aunt was using for her Art’s degree when she attended UC Davis in the mid-90s. I was amazed at what It was capable of achieving at the time and it only got better once I familiarized myself with the software. Shortly after the social media era arose with MySpace in 2001, I started to learn and create websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages. Up to this point in time, I continue to stay up-to-date with computer architecture, network infrastructure, and software development practices, and have no intentions of stopping now.

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